My Showreel

About me

I am a Paris based author/director and CG generalist, graduate of MOPA (formerly Supinfocom Arles).
Throughout my career, my work has been ranging from technical director to nowadays director. I have also worked in roles including character lead, compositing lead, CG supervisor and lots of look development. 

Part of Steakollective, our love for cartoons made it to be my specialty and what makes me vibrate! Although this is what gets me most excited, it is not my only passion and I am always eager to explore new things and break the routine. Global projects are particularly appealing, and I have worked in London and Sydney.

Animation being my passion, I also have a preoccupation for the ocean and marine science and those subjects have been my muse for a range of personal passion projects. Combining above and underwater photography with animation I am in development for future beautiful and engaging content.

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